Independent Samples T-test Analysis

Identify an available peer reviewed research study that used an independent samples t-test statistical analysis found in the Touro Library within the topic of “Personality”. Please provide the corresponding APA format citation in your discussion post.

Identify and briefly explain the levels (i.e. conditions) of the Independent Variable and the corresponding Dependent variable for the independent samples t-test used in this research article that you chose from the Touro Library. In your own words, briefly describe the results of the independent samples t-test analysis with corresponding averages and standard deviations. You must include values for T value, degrees of freedom (df), and p-values in your results. (Note: the peer reviewed research article may have multiple statistical analyses reported, but please limit your discussion on only one independent samples t-test statistical analysis in the peer reviewed research paper).

Sample Solution
Independent Samples T-test Analysis


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