influenced contemporary cultural social practices

influenced contemporary cultural social practices

Heart Assignment

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15 Points Name: ali alfadala Term: Fall Section: 003 Perform and talk about your flute for someone and write about the experience – 5 pts. Who did you play for? Friend What was their response? He told me that the song brought him childhood memories How did it feel to you? I felt really good because with playing the flute I managed to reach this friend’s mind and bring him back memories of his childhood. It was a great feeling. Review the ‘Flute Story’ in the eBook and provide your view on the importance of the find and how this ancient flute may have influenced modern instruments – 5 pts. The discovery on Dec 16 of the flute was a tremendous discovery to the development of modern instruments. This discovery gives people an idea nof the history of the flutes and how they are different in the past and now a days for example; now a days flutes are tuned. From the ‘Oral Tradition of One Heart’ (in eBook), complete the following – 2.5 pts. But they knew if we put our hearts together, then “great things can be accomplished.” With the truth that we are all equal regardless of color, nationality, “gender, ethnicity, language we speak, where we live, personal beliefs or how much money we have.” By recognizing that all people are equal is agreeing that “our hearts have the same significance.” The goal of One Heart is not to change who we are or our heritage, “but to enjoy the richness of one’s personal culture and respect all others the same.” Provide two examples of how this indigenous concept may have influenced contemporary cultural social practices in the United States: 1.The idea of one heart was promoted by the American Baptist minister and activist Martin Luther King, JR. 2. The second example of one heart is Martin equality.

MUS 108 Native American Flute

Experience/One Heart Assignment

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A. Cutting Edge

B. True Sound Hole

C. Blow Hole

D. Foot End

E. Nest

F. Mouth End

G. Finger Holes

H. Slow Air Chamber

I. Flue/Ramp

J. Sound Chamber

K. Exit Hole

L. Fetish

M. Fetish Wrap













influenced contemporary cultural social practices