Ionotropic receptor 68 a

Slide 2- Chromosome your gene is located on and how many splice variants is has.Slide 3- Tops results of your blast search results and PFAM resultsSlide 4- Function of your gene according to your researchSlide 5- The Crispr site you decided onSlide 6- Describe the different amplicon you designedSlide 7- Describe the primer pair you pickedSlide 8 – Describe interpretation of fragment analysisSlide 9- Describe if you got a stop codon or notSlide 10- Protein models mutant vs. wild-typeSlide 11- Fluorescence and Attp were also generated for marking and modifying geneSlide 12 – Experimental DesignSlide 13- DataFILE: final project is an example of how it should look but with ionotropic receptor 68a

Sample Solution
Ionotropic receptor 68 a

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