Kepler Space Telescope

Create a collaborative class project where you will have the opportunity to becreative and curate images, videos, animations, and anything else you find amazing and would like to include.At the conclusion of this assignment, I hope we can all be proud of our creation.I would like for you to choose a current or recent space-based telescope. Your choice could include any Earthorbiting telescope that is currently in operation, a spacecraft that is in orbit around another planet or object, or aspacecraft that is traveling through our solar system. Please do not choose a satellite that only observes theEarth. You can find a list of current telescope missions here or here (Linksto an external site.) or here. (Links to an externalsite.)type=current or here. Note that several of these missions are Earth-observing missions so please don’t choosethose.Every student should pick a separate telescope (so if someone already picked the Hubble, you’ll have tochoose something else). This should be the motivation to start this assignment soon and not wait until the lastminute!Once you choose your mission, create a research document to include the following information and post thename on the ForumThe name of your mission and basic facts about it. These facts should include:Launch dateIts path or orbit in spaceThe expected lifetime of the spacecraft or robotWhich agency is in charge of it (NASA, ESA, etc)CostThe goals of this missionSome of the instruments onboard this spacecraft or robot and what these instruments are able to measure orphotographWhich part or parts (wavelengths) in the electromagnetic spectrum is your telescope designed to study? Whatcan we learn about the objects that this telescope is viewing by studying them at this wavelength?At least one other fact that you find neat.After browsing media produced by this mission, pick at least three (or more) photographs, videos, oranimations that you find really cool and insert them into your wiki page. Make sure you label each one.Describe what is depicted in each photograph or video. What instrument onboard your mission produced it?What was learned (or what could be learned or what questions are raised) from the picture/video that youchose?

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Kepler Space Telescope


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