kindred paper

I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study. Kindred 1. Describe the ways Critical Race Theory and Intersectional theory manifest in this novel, using at least one concrete example of each, focused on Alice and Kevin. 2. In the dictionary, the word ‘kindred’ can mean “one’s family and relations”, and “similar in kind; related”. How is Dana ‘kindred’ to Rufus, Alice, and Kevin? 3. How does Dana and Kevin’s relationship change when they’re in the past, compared to the present? Why? 4. Dana remarks that it’s easy to get people to accept slavery. What prompts her to say that? What do we accept today that the future may judge negatively? 5. What do you know of your own family history? Where are your people from? What did they overcome? How does that impact your understanding of who you are?
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