Leading and Managing Projects

Prepare status reports for second quarters of the project given the information provided here. This requires saving your resource schedule as a base- line and inserting the appropriate status report date in the program. Assume that no work has been completed on the day of the status report.

Your status report should include a table containing the PV, EV, AC, BAC, EAC, SV, CV, and CPI for each activity and the whole project. The report should also address the following questions:

How is the project progressing in terms of cost and schedule?What activities have gone well? What activities have not gone well?What do the PCIB and PCIC indicate in terms of how much of the project has been accomplished to date?What is the forecasted cost at completion (EACf)? What is the predicted VACf?Report and interpret the TCPI for the project at this point in time.What is the estimated date of completion?How well is the project doing in terms of its priorities?

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Leading and Managing Projects

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