Legal and ethical issues

ABC Credit Finance is a credit card provider with regional payment processing centers. You are a manager ofone of these centers. You are an at-will employee in a typical at-will jurisdiction. ABC is in competition withother card companies in a recent interest rate and balance transfer marketing promotion. Concerned about effectof the competition on its revenues, ABC has instituted the following:

Increased late payment penaltiesReduced length of billing cycleImmediate reporting of late payment to credit reporting agenciesUnilateral review of existing customer interest rates against credit scores with corresponding increase of ratesquarterly to those whose scores fall into “poor” categoryPayments that arrive on or up to 24-hours before the payment due date are not to be processed until the nextbusiness day following the due date before processing the payment, and late charge applied, on the theorycustomers will have difficulty proving timely payment.ABC has notified its customers about changes 1 through 4. However number 5 is an confidential inhouse“unofficial” policy change that has been communicated to all regional offices.RESEARCH AND ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING AND ANY OTHER LEGAL/ETHICAL ISSUES YOUIDENTIFY IN THIS SCENARIO:• The legal/regulatory provisions of the law that apply to ABC’s payment processing practices.• The ethical theory most prominently displayed in ABC’s actions in making these policy changes.• Will you as manager of the processing center implement policy no. 5? Why or why not? What are your ethicalobligations?• If you choose not to implement no. 5, what options do you have, if any, for protection of your job as an at-willemployee?If you are fired for refusal to implement no. 5, what might be a basis for a wrongful discharge action againstABC?

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