Life-history evolution in the fish genus Poecilia

For this assignment go to the reading Room and download the following paper:Pires, M and Reznick, D (2018) Life-history evolution in the fish genus Poecilia(Poeciliidae: Cyprinodontiformes: subgenus Pamphorichthys): an evolutionaryorigin of extensive matrotrophy decoupled from superfetation. Biological Journalof the Linnean Society, 125:3, 1–14

Define each of the following terms:a. matrotrophyb. adelphophagyc. oophagyd. trophodermye. placentotophyf. monophyleticg. polyphyletich. cladeCreate an outline for the Discussion of this paper.What is the hypothesis (or hypotheses) being tested?Alphabetically list the journal articles (author and year) cited in thisIntroduction.What is the total number of citations (without repeats) in this Introduction?What is the oldest citation? What is the newest citation?List the species names that appear in this Introduction, sorted by Class.There are five paragraphs in this Introduction. How does each of theseparagraphs relate to the hypothesis you stated above.

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Life-history evolution in the fish genus Poecilia

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