Logistic and Supply Chain

Logistics and its Impact for a company of your own choice, write a 1,750 -word report to
address the following tasks, you need to be practical in your approach and ensure adequate
Assignment Tasks:

Analyse the relationship between Supply chain management and logistics management and assess the significance of effective logistics management in achieving long term organisational success. (LO1)What do you understand by an ERP, analyse how an ERP can help the chosen organisation to improve its customer satisfaction, while reducing its cost, with a focus on ecommerce? Provide detailed analysis and support your answer with examples, in relevance to your chosen organisation. (LO2)The chosen organisation wants to reduce its logistics cost, suggest and analyse different best practices, which can help the chosen organisation to achieve its objective of cost reduction. (LO3) Specific Instructions  Provide at least 9 – 10 references Coursework Structure: 1.0 Introduction Task 1 (350 words) 1.1 Overview of the organisation you have chosen. Make this relevant to the module, discuss the supply chain and logistics regarding this organisation. 1.2 Define Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics. 1.3 Analyse the relationship between SCM and logistics. How are they similar? Where are the differences? 1.4 Discuss the significance to long term success. How can efficient SCM contribute to an organisations long term sustainability and success? 2.0 Task 2 (650 words) 2.1 Short definition of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP 2.2 Analyse ERP and how it can impact cost and customer satisfaction. How does an ERP reduce cost and how does it increase cost? Think long term and short term. How does the way an ERP system help organisations understand their customers’ needs and preferences. What does this mean for an organisation? 2.3 Support your ideas from above (2.2) with examples of it happening in your organisation, or in the industry of your chosen organisation. 3.0 Task 3 (650 words) 3.1 What are the major logistics costs? Cost can relate to more than just money. 3.2 Analyse and suggest different best practises

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Logistic and Supply Chain

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