Major League Baseball Value Money Over Bob Bowman’s Behavior

Did Major League Baseball Value Money Over Bob Bowman’s Behavior? Major League Baseball (MLB) is the oldest major professional sports league in the United States. It is composed of 30 teams in two leagues, the National League and the American League, each containing 15 teams. The two leagues merged into a single organization in 2000 and are led by the Commissioner of Baseball.133 The Commissioner oversees the hiring and management of umpiring crews and negotiates all contracts controlling marketing, labor, and television rights. MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) is the multimedia arm of MLB. It was formed in 2000 by then Commissioner Bud Selig: Selig was Commissioner from 1998 to 2015. MLBAM “operates the official website for the league and the 30 Major League Baseball club websites Management in Action 40 PART 1 Introduction via, which draws four million hits per day. The site offers news, standings, statistics, and schedules, and subscribers have access to live audio and video broadcasts of most games. The company also employs reporters, with one assigned to each team for the season and others serving more general beats. MLB Advanced Media also owns and operates and MLB Radio.”134 BOWMAN AND HIS SUCCESS AT MLBAM Bob Bowman was hired to run MLBAM in 2000. Prior to that he worked as treasurer of the state of Michigan from 1983 to 1990 and then for ITT Corp. He ultimately became ITT’s president and chief operating officer.135 Bowman was given great latitude and autonomy by Commissioner Selig. He thus decided to locate MLBAM’s headquarters two miles away from the league office on Park Avenue and ran his operation like a fiefdom, according to The Wall Street Journal. A reporter from the New York Times concluded that the physical distance between the two corporate offices and Bowman’s “ability to deliver enormous profits for the league and its team owners, apparently enabled Bowman to operate with little scrutiny from league officials.”136 MLBAM prospered under Bowman. The New York Times reported that MLBAM “became the crown jewel of Major League Baseball, the envy of every sports league and one of the most important companies as the broadcast world transitioned to digital streaming. It generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually, and 75 percent of a spinoff company, BamTech, has been sold for $2.58 billion.”137 Current MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said “Bob’s vision made our game even more accessible and enjoyable to millions of fans.”138 Bowman’s success led one reporter to conclude that he “was once considered one of the two or three most powerful figures in all of professional sports.”139 It was even suggested that Bowman should have been selected over Rob Manfred as Commissioner, and as a possible successor to replace Bob Iger as CEO of The Walt Disney Company.140 ALLEGATIONS PERSIST ABOUT BOWMAN’S BEHAVIOR Reporters from The Wall Street Journal concluded that Bowman was forced to resign “after years of troubling workplace behavior that former baseball executives were said to be made aware of at least a decade ago.” The reporters noted evidence suggesting that Bowman “engaged in a pattern of behavior that included propositioning female colleagues, allegedly having consensual relationships with subordinate co-workers and cultivating a culture of partying and heavy drinking with employees outside the office.” These concerns were raised at least 10 years ago with Bob DuPuy, MLB’s president and chief operating officer, who in turn informed Commissioner Selig.141 Bowman was considered brilliant yet hard on others. The Wall Street Journal reported that he “would just talk down to people,” often yelling. “Just disrespectful.”142 More recently, Bowman was accused of “pushing an executive for the Fenway Sports Management, the Red Sox parent company, and verbally abusing an employee in October” [2017]. It also was alleged that Bowman hired women to entertain people at the 2016 All-Star Game. These women were believed to be escorts and “some of them were heard encouraging attendees to leave to have sex quickly so that they could return to solicit another attendee,” according to The Wall Street Journal.143 A former high-ranking baseball official told Wall Street Journal reporters that what Bowman “gave in heartburn was always overshadowed by what he gave in money.” This individual also stated that Bud Selig “had no interest in dealing with it.”144 NOW WHAT? Current MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said he was unaware of Bowman’s historically bad behavior. He did, however, believe that the latest incidents necessitated a conversation with Bowman. This conversation resulted in a joint decision that it was time for Bowman to leave.145 Bowman provided a statement to The Wall Street Journal. He acknowledged that MLBAM’s culture was hardworking and driven, and that his behavior was inappropriate. He took full responsibility for his actions. He also apologized to those he offended or hurt. Following Bowman’s departure, Commissioner Manfred made it mandatory for all full and part-time staff to participate in a 45-minute online training course that focused on discrimination and harassment. Manfred wants employees to have practical tools they can use in combatting disruptive employee behavior, according to The Wall Street Journal.146 Manfred also is addressing the culture gap between MLB and MLBAM. His solution is to combine the two offices in one location in the summer of 2019.

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What is the underlying problem in this case from Commissioner Rob Manfred’s perspective?Why do you think Bowman’s behavior was ignored for over 10 years?What would you have done if you were Commissioner Manfred?Which of the seven challenges to being an exceptional manager did Commissioner Manfred face in dealing with Bowman? How did he handle them

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Major League Baseball Value Money Over Bob Bowman’s Behavior


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