Management And Employee Satisfaction

Management And Employee Satisfaction


Pretend you are a human resource manager in a health care organization and it has come to your attention from a variety of sources that morale and employee satisfaction are on the decline in one of your company’s organizational units. Employees have been working 50% longer shifts for several months to address an increase in patient demand and you suspect it is beginning to take its toll. You are considering the issue and how to address it.


Complete the following two parts of this assignment based upon your research and understanding of methods of addressing the scenario described above.

Part 1: Suggest and support three ways you would determine the nature and extent of the problem and its source. What indicators would you examine?

Part 2: It has been determined that the dip in employee satisfaction is indeed due to long hours, uneven scheduling practices, and no clear end in sight. Complete the following:

Recommend a plan to address the issue (based upon your stated assumptions regarding the specific nature of the problem) that includes:

Short-term tactics to address the acute aspects of the problem.

Long-term strategy to permanently address the problem.

Discuss the role of stakeholders in determining the nature of the issue and developing a plan for its resolution.

Explain which core human resource function is the most critical to the success of your plan.

Additional Requirements

APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting standards.

Number of resources: Include a minimum of five resources.

Page length: 5–7 pages.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Management And Employee Satisfaction


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