Management/ employee motivation

Consider theories of employee motivation, as described in Chapter 11 of the text. As mentioned in the Unit 3 Assignment, VP of Human Resources, Philip Thomas, has delegated the task of drafting a new policy to his team, to be presented to him for final review. However, the team aren’t meeting the milestones Thomas has set, and Thomas has become aware that some of his employees are feeling disgruntled. He has asked you to prepare a memo detailing your analysis and recommendations as to how he could motivate his employees. Please use the Unit 4 Assignment template. Assignment Checklist: • Using the assignment template, identify at least three reasons that employee motivation sometimes wanes. • Describe to VP Thomas how he might use either Goal Setting Theory OR Expectancy Theory in order to motivate his employees. • Summarize recommendations for two specific methods or incentives Thomas might use to motivate his team. • Utilize at least one external source as part of your research.

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Management/ employee motivation

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