Management in Media Industries

Answer one of the following questions, drawing on theories and concepts covered in the module, as
well as real world examples derived from your own reading and experience.
Answers should be up to 2000 words in length

‘Many news organisations are struggling financially because news media, unlike most entertainment media, is not typically protected by copyright.’ Critically assess this statement.What is ‘disaggregation’? Critically explore the potential impact that widespread disaggregation can have on media businesses.Do you agree that media audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented? Why might a trend towards audience fragmentation be commercially attractive for media companies, and what are the potential dangers?Do you agree that the type of platform on which media content is distributed should affect the level of regulation? Consider a range of media sectors and distribution channels, and how this could affect how society interacts with the media.Do you agree globalisation has made media content too similar? Consider a range of geocultural markets, and critically discuss how they have affected consumers.How would you define a media company? Why do you think that firms from sectors such as telecoms or on-line retailing are becoming more involved in the production and distribution of media content?

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Management in Media Industries

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