marriage customs in hindu

marriage customs in hindu

culture Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In Hindu and Chinese customs, marriages were arranged by a third party such as a parent or a priest in the case of the Hindus. In both traditions, the third party would consent without involving the spouses. In both customs, arranged marriages have been propelled by various factors such as late marriages, child marriages, religion, wealth and inheritance issues, and poverty. Children end up in arranged marriages as they cannot make an informed choice regarding matrimonial issues. In both customs, poverty has played a major role to perpetuate arranged marriages. Late marriages have invariably made many individuals mull the idea of arranged marriages, as it remains the most productive option. In Hindu and Chinese religions, arranged marriages have been condoned thus encouraging many individuals to uphold the practice.

In both Hindu and Chinese traditions, love has played a major role in enabling individuals to make a free choice in mate selection. Unlike the traditional approach in both the Hindu and Chinese customs where marriages were determined by a third party, the contemporary societies in both customs are allowing individuals to make an informed choice in terms of selecting ones to mate in regards to their level of love (Oh & EBooks Corporation, 2007). In both Hindu and Chinese societies, the passage of legislation that permits lawful divorces have augmented the free will of individuals in selecting their mates. The divorce laws allow individuals to live with their mates that they have freely chosen without being coerced by any external factors.

In Hindu marriages, colorful wedding ceremonies known as vivaahsanskar have dominated throughout history and it is still being condoned in modern times. The colorful wedding ceremonies are characterized by various rituals that include Kanyadaan, which involves the giving away of the daughter by the father.
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