Media, advertising and social mores

In Journals #4, describe yourself and your environment in terms of such areas as the following:

 Your reasons for choosing this substance or behavior to abstain from or acquire  Who you told about this experiment and who you look to for support  Your daily experiences and feelings  Your physical state (health, energy, sleep, nutrition)  Your psychological state (motivation, emotions, coping skills, self-esteem, thoughts, insights, confidence, self-efficacy, emotional management)  Your social life (social support, undermining, changes, friends, family, classmates, insights about others, reactions by others)  Your spiritual state (choices, honesty, belief systems, ethics, practices, honesty, personal value system)  Your environment (media, advertising, social mores)  What you are learning about yourself  What you are learning about your environment  What you are learning about addiction

Sample Solution
Media, advertising and social mores

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