MGMT20144 – Assessment Item 2

Group led presentation and discussion

Presentation and discussion

30% or 30 marks

This is a group assignment that involves a 20-25 minute student-led presentation, discussion and associated materials.

Week 10 Friday (24 May 2019) 11:45 pm AEST

This assignment aims to develop your knowledge of contextual factors and ability to develop this knowledge in others.

The objective is to develop your research, cognitive, creative, communication, professional responsibility and self management skills within the context of a group assignment.

It provides you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills as a member of a group.

Penalties for late submission are applied according to the policy. This is 5% of the total marks for this assessment item deducted for every day the assignment is late.

Group formation

You must be enrolled in a tutorial class by census date, Tuesday 2 April. You will be able to enrol in Assessment Item 2 groups yourself on the unit’s Moodle site.

The members of you group must all be in your tutorial group. Groups cannot be formed with students who are not in your tutorial group.

E.g. Group 08 MEL_Tute 03_Mon_4-5PM

There will be a maximum of 5 group members in each group.

There will be no changes to these Assessment Item 2 groups after Tuesday 2 April so please make sure that you have sorted out which tutorial class you want to attend by 2 April.

Tutorial classes can only be changed with the permission of the Unit Coordinator after 2 April and no adjustments to presentation and discussion groups will be made after 7 April.

Group assignment focus

The group led presentation and discussion will relate to one of the Topics 6-9:

Innovation and entrepreneurship, OR

Knowledge management, technology and eCommerce, OR

Regionalisation and globalisation, OR

Cross cultural issues, diversity and international management.

Your group’s topic must be chosen in consultation with your tutor.

These topics are quite large so you can choose to concentrate on only one part of the topic e.g., only innovation.

Your group led presentation and discussion will take place in your tutorial class in week 11 or week 12.

Online students will present to the unit coordinator during a zoom session in week 11 or week 12.

However, all materials related to the assignment must be uploaded to Moodle by the Friday of week 10 regardless of which week your group led presentation and discussion takes place.

Only one member of the group should upload the files.

Task 1

Conduct a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation in your tutorial class.

Every member of the group must speak during the presentation.

The presentation must include information from at least 6-8 academic journal articles.

This presentation should demonstrate your understanding of the contextual factor.

A copy of this PowerPoint presentation should be supplied in your submission uploaded to Moodle.

Task 2

Discuss one current event (something that has occurred since 1 January 2019) that you have found in relation to the contextual factor.

This discussion should summarise the content of the current event, show the critical link between the external and internal environments of organisations and and discuss problems that this contextual factor may cause for organisations.

This current event can take the form of a newspaper or magazine article, a TED talk, a radio or TV interview and so on.

A summary of this current event and a link to its source should be supplied in your submission uploaded to Moodle.

This discussion should take no more than 5 minutes.

Task 3

Develop two questions: one question in relation to the content of the PowerPoint and one question in relation to the current event.

You will be required to lead a discussion of these two questions by posing the question to your audience and responding to their answers.

You should provide a copy of the two questions and the expected answers in your submission uploaded to Moodle.

This discussion aims to show your critical thinking and understanding of the contextual factor and ability to generate solutions to the problem associated with the contextual factor.

All group members should take part in this discussion.

The discussion should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

Marking criteria

Demonstrated understanding of the internal and external contextual factors (Topics 6 – 9) that affect contemporary organisations (6 marks)

Application of current events to demonstrate understanding of the relationship between the external and internal environments of organisations (6 marks)

Critical understanding of the problems associated with the relevant contextual factor shown throughout the presentation and discussion (6 marks)

Recommendation of solutions regarding how organisations can deal with contemporary challenges posed by the relevant contextual factor (6 marks)

Demonstrated breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 6-8 academic sources (2 marks)

Developing a concise and structured presentation to the required professional standard (2 marks)

Correct use of the APA referencing format in the materials submitted on Moodle (2 marks)

Meaning of words

Contemporary: important and relevant, since 1 January, 2019

Relationship: the way in which two or more things are connected, or the state of being connected. How are the external (e.g., current events) and internal (e.g., decision making) organisational environments connected? Why is this important?

Critical understanding: provide evidence taken from a wide range of sources which both agree with and contradict your or other’s opinions.

Recommendation of solutions: what organisations could do to cope with the issue identified in the current event.

Minimum: if you only use 6-8 references you will receive 1 out of 2 marks.

Professional standard of presentation: this is quite a formal style of presentation and is discussed later.

APA referencing format: you must only use this referencing system in the body of the PowerPoint, the reference list at the end and in the associated materials. Ensure you familiarise yourself with it!

Professional presentation

Every group member must present.

Please dress professionally.

Show your passion and connect with your audience.

Focus on your audience’s needs – what does your audience want from the presentation?

Keep it simple: Concentrate on your core message.

Smile and make eye contact with your audience.

Start strongly, grab the audience’s attention.

Use not more than 5 slides.

Use not less than size 30 font.

For more information go to:


Other issues

Please refer to the presentation regarding the first assessment item for information in relation to:


Uploading your assignment

Applying for extensions





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