Middle Childhood Project

Find a family that has at least one child between the ages of 7 and 11. Interview the child to collect information you would need to determine his/her play personality, multiple intelligences, cognitive stage (Piaget), and moral stage (Kohlberg). Collect information from both the child and the parents.

Determine how the child resolved the Erikson stages of trust vs. mistrust, autonomy vs. shame/doubt, and initiative vs. guilt. How does this child appear to be resolving their current stage of industry vs. inferiority? Refer to play personality and/or multiple intelligences when discussing Erikson stages.Discuss their current cognitive stage according to Piaget’s model and how the child is aligning with that model.Determine which level or levels from Kohlberg’s model the child appears to use when making decisions about right and wrong.Determine what parenting style the child’s parent(s) appears to use.Do not provide a transcript or narration of the interviews. Do not explain the concepts/theories and then ask the child and/or parent to self-assess. You conduct the assessment using the information you gather by observing and asking appropriate questions.

Use pseudonyms for the family unless you have permission to use their real names. Be sure to use evidence from your observation and interviews to support the conclusions you make about the developmental theories and the parenting style. You should cite at least one SCHOLARLY source (e.g., textbook) when defining any terms or making any claims on behalf of a theorist, etc.

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Middle Childhood Project

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