Models of Addiction

Read Chapter 3 of the Fisher textbook. It discusses ” Models of Addiction” and it provides a framework ofviewing the different perceptions of why people misuse substances and through learning about the ” WHY” wecan then begin to plan the ” HOW”. The ” How” answers the question of: How can our client rethink theirbehaviors/ actions to reduce their problematic patterns of substance misuse? After reading the Chapter. Selectone of the models of Addiction. Focus on the Psychological Models of Addiction. Answer the following questionwith a detailed and thorough responseSelect one Model of addiction and discuss the pros and cons of the theory concept.For example:Disease model: Is addiction a disease that clients must be ” cured ” from?Moral Model: Are we forcing people into self-blame by connecting their addiction with ” SIN”?Read the Case Study samples {I will post them also under Content}. It shows 6 clients that were excessivealcoholics and used different models to be successful in treatment.How as a therapist/ substance abuse counselor do we use the client’s belief system to engage a supportivetreatment plan?

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Models of Addiction


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