Motivational theories

Allow students the opportunity to become familiar with some of the various theories ofmotivation.Allow students the opportunity to think creatively while using motivational theories to help toexplain the behavior of an individual in a ‘practical example’.Provide students the opportunity to personally reflect on the material presented in Lesson Four.Stress the importance of following instructions, adhering to deadlines and proof-reading workfor accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation prior to submission.To complete this assignment, you will need to do the following:Review the material covered in Chapter # 9 and complete the following activity:Imagine that you are a part of a work team consisting of five individuals. Only four of the five teammembers – including yourself – are reliable members. The fifth person is basically “dead wood”who seldom shows up for team meetings, contributes very little, if anything, to group discussions,and has been very slack when it comes to handing in progress reports on the project that yourteam is trying to complete. Your task is to apply the principles of Theory X, Theory Y, EquityTheory and Expectancy Theory to try to explain the behavior of this non-contributing groupmember.

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Motivational theories

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