Obese man of American Indian and African American descent

Read the following vignette:

Jerry is a 40-year-old, married, moderately obese man of American Indian and African American descent. His wife, Sylvia, is of American Indian descent and, according to Jerry, is overweight. Jerry describes his wife as a compulsive overeater and adds, “The one thing we have in common is that we both enjoy a good meal.” Both of Jerry’s parents died of drug and alcohol-related illnesses. Jerry is referred by his employee assistance program (EAP), for treatment of nicotine addiction and pathological gambling. His involvement with the EAP followed a referral from Jerry’s supervisor due to job performance issues and absenteeism. The EAP counselor, who obtained a signed release from Jerry, revealed that Jerry’s job performance problems include complaints from co-workers that Jerry has borrowed money that he has not paid back and continues to ask others for loans. Jerry tells you that his employer is, “Full of it. He is just jealous of my superior intellect and wants to get rid of me because I threaten his ego.”

Jerry admits that he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, loves the thrill of gambling, enjoys a “good marijuana buzz,” and likes to “flirt with the ladies.” He tells you that, “It would probably not be a bad idea to cut back on my smoking, lose a few pounds and lay off the gambling and women to get my old lady off my back; but no way I’m giving up my pot!” When probed further by the counselor, after the last comment, he admits to marital problems, but blames Sylvia for much of their difficulties. He admits to having extramarital affairs, and that he is aware that he is compromising his values and feels as if he is leading a double life, but claims “it’s the only way I can get my sexual needs met.” He agrees to see you so that you can help him prove to everyone, including his wife, that he doesn’t have a problem and that, “I just enjoy the good life.”

Select either the set of questions pertaining to the vignette from section A to address in a conceptualization paper, or section B to answer in a PowerPoint presentation:

A. Describe the approach that will be used to engage Jerry in productive clinical relationship and determine the extent and nature of Jerry’s problems while exploring the possibilities of compulsive gambling and sex addiction. Make an initial assessment of Jerry by addressing the following:

What are the bio-psycho-social factors that must be considered in the assessment process? How would you determine whether Jerry is a compulsive gambler? What additional information would you need to support (or strengthen) a compulsive gambling diagnosis for Jerry? In considering a diagnosis of compulsive gambling for Jerry, what DSM characteristics does he meet in the information you are provided? How would you determine whether Jerry has a sex addiction? If so, what type of sex addiction? What additional information would you need to support (or strengthen) a sex addiction diagnosis for Jerry? In considering a sex addition diagnosis, contrast some of the characteristics of healthy sex versus addictive sex that Jerry may be experiencing. Address ethnic/cultural issues that must be considered in your assessment of Jerry. Support your paper with at least two additional resources

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Obese man of American Indian and African American descent

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