Organizational Structure Exploration

You are creating your ideal institution.

Describe the desired organizational structure of your healthcare institution, specifically the nursing department. Provide both a written description and a visual description. Your visual description should be in chart form. In your written description please discuss chain of command, specifically reporting events/complaints and how key players would be aware of the chain of command. In your descriptions include the following key players: Staff nurse Chief nursing officer (CNO) Nursing assistant Nurse manager Charge nurse Describe the ideal organizational culture. Describe the nurse leader’s role in ensuring optimal operational performance. How would key stakeholders ensure organizational climate is aligned with organizational culture? How would you incorporate the innovative concept of shared governance into your institutions structure? You decide you want to venture down the road towards MAGNET designation. What are the benefits of MAGNET designation? Discuss the elements of patient safety, quality measures, and employee satisfaction. Support your ideas with the literature.

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Organizational Structure Exploration

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