Pathology Residency Programs

I am interested in matching to a pathology program. Growing up, I was always interested in math and sciences, and my family worked in law enforcement. At a young age, I was exposed to pathologists who specialized in forensic medicine, and I was curious about their job. I volunteered as an unpaid interned with Los Angeles Public Defender’s office during my undergraduate years and worked with medical examiners, attorneys, investigators, and paralegals on several court cases. I became inspired and decided to go to medical school. From there, I learned information regarding what pathology was about, such as knowing more in-depth details of every disease. I was intrigued. My long-term goal for pathology is to go into forensic pathology. For quite some time, I have been interested in having a career that mixes medicine and law. I believe I am a valuable person to this residency program because I am consistently curious, dedicated, determined, hardworking, a team player, and positive.

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Pathology Residency Programs

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