Pharmacist Internship

Pharmacist Internship

I have a paper about my internship I want you to write for me , I’ll attached the requirement for the paper
and here some of what I did during the internship

I have worked in the Qatif Central Hospital (Saudi Arabia) for my internship, and during that I had work for 2 main projects. The first one was about researching the benefit and cost for adding Pharmaceutical dispensing medicines. The second one was about preforming a seminar for skill cell anemia patients to raise the awareness because this disses is common in Saudi Arabia spicily in Al Qatif city. In addition to these two main projects I had many responsibilities during my internship period such as dispensing medicines to patients, filling carts for patients that are admitted, and check validity dates of the medicines. Also, I have attend so classes there for preparing IV and eye drops.

I did my intern in Saudi Arabia as pharmacisit .
supervisor contact info,
Dr. Hani J. Al-Ismail
Pharmacy director
hospital name : Qatif Central Hospital
The post Pharmacist Internship



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