Pharmacology Paper

Choose a Substance or Class of Substances such as Hallucinogens or StimulantsReport on the following:1) Name of substance or class of substances2) Brief history of this substance and its cultural uses.3) Are there any street or slang names for this substance or these substances?If yes, give some examples4) How are these substances administered? And, what does the user report asthe “experience, or effect of the substance?5) Can withdrawals from this substance be fatal?6) What are some prevalence of use rates for this substance?7) What are, if any, the evidence-based treatment practices that seem to beparticularly effective for working with populations that seek treatment for thissubstance?8) What, if any, notable policies involve this substance or group of substances?9) Any additional information about the substance that is relevant to social work?This is a 3-5 pages paper or 5-10 minute video blog not including the reference page. I recommend usingGoogle Scholar, SAMSHA, and NIDA as resources. The book “Uppers Downers and All Arounders” is alsorecommended to use as a resource.

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Pharmacology Paper

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