Philosophies of Love and Death, Minor

Write an essay of approximately 1500 words either on one of the topics suggested below, or on a topic of your creation (if you decide to pursue the latter, please run it by the Unit Coordinator before starting). You are also welcome to combine topics, or to treat them as prompts for your own ideas, rather than set questions with definitive answers. Your essay should have a clear introduction and thesis statement, and it should develop a consistent argument in favour of the thesis, providing sufficient evidence (that is, direct quotations and specific passages) from the text or texts in question to defend its main claims. It is also important that you take the time to proofread your essay closely for grammar and expression before you submit. You are NOT required to use any external sources for this essay, but you are welcome to if you would like. If you do wish to use external sources, it is recommended that you run them by the Unit Coordinator as well, as all of the texts we are studying this term have generated mountains of secondary research, and sifting through what is and is not valuable can be a difficult task. Also, if you choose to use external sources, be sure the reference the properly. You are welcome to use any referencing system with which you are familiar (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), so long as you use it correctly and consistently throughout. If you are only using the readings assigned for this unit, an author or title plus a page number are sufficient.

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Philosophies of Love and Death, Minor

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