Policy Advocacy Project

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Policy Advocacy Project Overview: Nurses are important advocates for patients and healthcare policy.Policy makers rely on our knowledge and expertise to help make decisions that influence healthcare delivery. For this Policy Advocacy Project, you will need to identify a topic of legislation that is important to you. You will need to choose an elected official from your district, state, etc. to meet with to advocate for your selected topic.

The project contains two parts that you will submit for grading, the proposal, and the report.

• Part A, the proposal, you will explain the legislation you have selected to advocate for and identify the appropriate elected official (or staff member) with whom you will speak.

• Part B, the report, you will summarize the meeting that you held with the elected official.

Part A: Proposal Directions• Identify an appropriate topic of legislation that you would like to advocate.• Describe the proposed topic of legislation.• Explain why you think the topic of legislation is important or relevant.• Identify an elected official or staff member whom you plan on contacting to advocate for this legislation and justify why this person is a suitable target audience.• Present information in a scholarly manner including skillful and proficient writing using appropriate spelling, grammar, punctuation and mechanics, and APA style and formatting of the title page, appropriate in-text reference citations, and reference page.• The proposal should be approximately 100-200 words in length.Please keep in mind:• You are advocating for pending topics of legislation. You CANNOT choose something that has already passed because if that is the case, no advocacy is necessary.• You must specify the exact topic of legislation in your proposal. You must refer to this by the appropriate title. For example: Title VIII funding, H. R. 952, etc.• The elected official you contact must have the authority to vote for the proposed topic of legislation. The mayor of a city would have no legislative authority and therefore would not be appropriate. You are most likely going to contact a state or federal member of congress (House or Senate).

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Policy Advocacy Project

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