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Privacy and National Security Persuasive Essay

As Americans, we expect a significant amount of privacy when it comes to our personal lives. For most of us, we do not want our government monitoring our activities and communications, such as those we conduct on the phone or online. In many cases, doing so without a warrant would be a violation of our 4th Amendment rights. However, some argue that our government should be allowed to monitor certain types of activities by American citizens in order to strengthen national security. One example would be gathering cell phone metadata (e.g. which numbers a phone calls) in order to identify potential terrorist links.

For this week’s assignment, compose a minimum 700-word persuasive essay focusing on the balance between individual privacy and national security. Is protecting one more important than protecting the other? Is this something that should be handled on a case-by-case basis, or in some other way?

Be sure to state your position clearly in your introduction through the use of a clearly defined thesis statement. The body of your essay should present at least one court case or ruling that supports your position, and one that opposes your position. It is essential that you discuss counter-arguments to your position in order to produce a balanced persuasive essay. Also, provide at least three external references to support the development of your paper.
Political Issues


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