PowerPoint Presentation: Health Information Technology to Address the Continuum of Care

Once choosing a scenario from the Learning Resources you will develop a PowerPoint presentation to provide an overview of how information technology will address issues in that organization(s)/setting. You understand that for such an expensive and complex recommendation, in-depth research must be conducted along with a high level leadership plan as to how you would recommend approaching the initiative along the Systems Development Lifecycle steps: 1) Acquire; 2) Plan for; 3) Implement; and 4) Support the technology solution.

In a 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint presentation, including extensive speaker notes and 5–6 peer reviewed references applied using APA Format:

Analyze the problems and opportunities that the technology is aimed to address in this organization(s)/settingCritique any legal and/or regulatory concerns related to using technology in this organizations(s)/settingAcquisition: Explain your recommended steps in the systematic evaluation and acquisition of the technologySWOT summaryVendor partner recommendationsProcess to evaluate vendorsPlanning: Develop a Project Charter for how you would plan for implementing this technology.Scope of the project/programKey stakeholdersRisks and mitigation plansFinancial justificationImplementation:Change Management StrategySecurity and Privacy PlanData sharing, systems integration needsUse of cost reducing emerging technology platformsSupport and sustainability:Financial sustainment planEnd user technical support planPotential fit with emerging industry technologiesBriefly address any competitive advantage that this technology might provide for the selected organization(s)

Sample Solution
PowerPoint Presentation: Health Information Technology to Address the Continuum of Care

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