Pre-Lab: Kingdom Plantae

What is taxonomy? State the purpose of taxonomy and provide a 2 or 3-sentence explanation of how the sub-discipline developed. Who is Linnaeus?Write 5 or 6 sentences (or create a labeled diagram) outlining the similarities between Evolutionary Taxonomy and Cladistic Taxonomy.Write 5 or 6 sentences (or create a labeled diagram) outlining the differences between Evolutionary Taxonomy and Cladistic Taxonomy.Look at the simplified evolutionary tree in Figure 1 of the lab and answer the following questions:Which plant groups have vascular tissue?Which plant groups have spores?Which plant groups have seeds?Which plant groups have flowers?Think about whether mosses have vascular tissue or not. Given your knowledge of this, why does a moss plant stay small and close to the ground?Both a seed and a spore land on the ground, but the leaves on the ground prevent them from contacting the soil. The seed grows into a plant, while the spore perishes. Explain why.Cycads and conifers have seeds, but do not produce flowers to attract pollinators. Still, pollen must be transferred in order for fertilization to take place, and for seeds to develop. List and describe some ways that pollination can occur in these plants.

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Pre-Lab: Kingdom Plantae


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