PROJECT: Genealogy

Create a genogram that describes family emotional interactions between family members and highlights significant societal issues (substance abuse, health/mental illness, SES, etc…Use communication skills to interview at least 3 family members for this paper.Describe your family of origin and the significant emotional relationships in your family system. How do they impact you?Articulate how family values/beliefs/traditions/societal issues, and emotional connections (i.e. divorce, family conflict/alliances etc…) have shaped your values/beliefs, attitudes, relationships, and goals.Describe what family values/beliefs/traditions/societal issues and emotional connections (i.e. divorce, family conflict/alliances etc…) that you fully embrace and others that you reject or find challenging.Reflecting upon your genogram, describe what strengths and relationships have you developed to address personal challenges and goals in your life.

Sample Solution
PROJECT: Genealogy


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