Race, Ethnic, Culture, and Class Issues

As we are learning this week, race, class and ethnicity play an important role in people’s access to drugs and to treatment, as well as in how people are treated by addiction specialists, public health institutions, law enforcement, and the overall criminal justice system.

Watch this important TedMed talk by neuroscientist, drug researcher, and racial justice activist, Dr Carl Hart: http://www.tedmed.com/speakers/show?id=308946

Then write a 275-word post in ESSAY format that responds to the following questions. 1.Who is Carl Hart and what is unique about his background? 2.What were his original beliefs about drugs and crime and what changed his perspective? 3.According to Hart, what are some facts around race, class, addiction, and the war on drugs? 4.What are his three suggestions at the end for addressing drug use in America? 5.What is your reaction to his ideas? (Agree? Disagree? Why?)

Sample Solution

Race, Ethnic, Culture, and Class Issues

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