Report on Stimulation Game

Prepare a report that that would feasibly be written to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Kent’s Camera Castle (KCC) that outlines your overall strategy and best practices used in the simulation. This report also may ask for additional strategies or tactics based on your experience in the simulation.

Overview (~1 page) a. Objectives – what were you trying to achieve in the simulation? What were your priorities? b. Target Audience – who are you trying to reach? Who are you writing your ads for? c. Product selection – what are your products and why have you selected these products to sell? Digital Marketing Tactics & Performance (~3 pages) Summarize your approach (and results, if available) of the following digital tactics for KCC. Make sure to include (a) key decisions, (b) strategic detail (e.g., top performing ad words, bidding approach, etc), and (c) key recommendations you suggest for KCC in their ongoing online marketing activities. In this discussion, also make sure to summarize your group’s performance in the simulation. Use of charts, graphs, and metrics/key performance indicators are encouraged. a. Pay Per Click Advertising b. Landing Page Optimization i. Layout ii. Onsite SEO c. Email marketing. Explain best practices employed for a successful email campaign. Justify list choice, content, and email strategy. d. Budget – why did you choose to allocate your budget in that way? Justify your decisions.Conclusion (~ 1 page): A short summary and conclusion should be included as the end of the report. a. Provide a summary of Kent’s Camera Castle and the digital tactics implemented b. Include recommendations of what digital activities Kent’s Camera Castle should continue c. Discuss: If you were to do the simulation again, what would you do differently? d. Include Five Lessons Learned: Identify and explain at least 5 “lessons learned” regarding digital marketing

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Report on Stimulation Game

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