Resource File and compile a community resource file for parents and caregivers that include parenting classes, schools/after school programs, food or utility type resources, and support group information to name a few. Identify a minimum of 25 resources within the community.

You will need to provide the following:

Cover sheet of your Resource File and content page. Name of the organization/program, phone number, physical address, contact person, hours of operation, and a brief 2-3 sentence on what they provide for children and families.

For example:

Counseling Services:

Lutheran Social Service

109 N 7th Ave

Barstow, CA. 92311

(909) 866-5070

Provides counseling resources for Addiction, Adoption & Foster Care, Aging, Corrections, Counseling, Disabilities, Homelessness/Basic Needs, Housing and Parenting. Cost is based on income and insurance.

Preschool Services:

Barstow Preschool

2700 Barstow Road

Barstow, CA. 92311

(760) 252 -2411

Serves children ages 3 – 4, first priority are 4 year old’s, second priority are 3 year old’s. This program offers a morning session and an afternoon session. The service is based on income eligibility.

Sample Solution
Resource File