Respond To My Two Classmates’ Postings. 150 Words

  Guided Response: Review and respond to two of your classmates’ posts.  Review two peers’ career goals and determine:   ·         Is the goal specific?   ·         Are relevant skills included?   ·         Is a specific job title or industry listed?   ·         Are non-negotiable items detailed?                   Anna   Career Goal                   My career goal is to become a Special Education Inclusion teacher or Resource teacher. I want to provide a high quality education to all students no matter what their needs are.  I firmly believe that all children are capable of learning with the right teacher.  I believe my ability to work well with students who have special needs will help me reach my goal.  My strategic planning ability, and love of researching new ideas will help guide me in my classroom.  I must have a classroom that I am…
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