Response 500 words in 10 hrs !!

Response 500 words in 10 hrs !!

WGS 3123

Social Justice and Social Change

Reading Response 1

Read Bobbie Harro’s “The Cycle of Liberation”. Answer the following questions:

Define and describe the concept of liberation. (max. 200 words)Describe the components of the “getting ready” phase. (max. 200 words)Identify and describe the two steps in community building. (max 200 words)Do you find Harrow’s “Cycle of Liberation” model effective?  If yes, explain why.  If no, offer changes or suggestions. (max 400 words)


 12 point Times New Roman black font (no color!)  1 inch margins (or 2.54 cm)  double spacing  page numbers  proper tabs (0.5 inch or 1.27 cm)  no pictures, graphics, or tables are allowed  no “tracked changes” should be visible


 present ideas in complete sentences and use proper paragraph form (i.e. no point form!)  use subheadings to differentiate each question/answer  answer questions in the order that they are listed  do not exceed the maximum word length for each section  no more than 10% of the assignment can be made up of direct quotes  if you include direct quotes, cite the material with the page number in brackets


 submit the document to Canvas under the dropbox option  the deadline is listed on the course syllabus  paper submissions will not be accepted  no extensions will be granted for this assignment
Response 500 words in 10 hrs !!


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