Responses Needed + Assignment – 12-13 Hours

Responses Needed + Assignment – 12-13 Hours

Task 1:

Responses to two peers must be submitted by the due date on the course schedule. Remember to use the ABC approach with your peer responses.

Task 2:

Cognitive, Social, Moral, and Emotional Development Comparison Charts

Attached are the guidelines and charts for the cognitive, social, moral, and emotional theories. Copy the charts, fill in the required information, save them per the instructions on the chart sheet, and submit them at this link.

Useful URLs:

Required textbook(s):

Pedersen, P.B., Lonner, W.J, Draguns, J.G., Trimble, J.E., Scharron-del Rio.M.R. (2016), Counseling Across Cultures, Sage Publications, Inc., ISBN- 9781452217529

American Psychological Association (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6thed.). Washington, DC: Author.
Responses Needed + Assignment – 12-13 Hours


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