Rights Revolution

Rights Revolution

Civil Rights Movement and Other Social Movements.” Relevant sections of your textbook include but are not limited to:

Ch. 25, “The Changing Black Movement,” pp. 999-1002
Ch. 25, “The New Movements and the Rights Revolution,” pp. 1014-1028
Your task is to decide how the Judith Rollins article “opens up” your textbook. In other words, how and to what extent does this article enhance, revise, or even challenge your textbook interpretation of the same topic? You will write a 750 to 1000 word essay answering this question which has a clear thesis statement and discusses 2-4 main points of comparison. Criteria you might consider for your comparison include:

Content: What kinds of details or subtopics are included in one account but omitted in the other? What basic facts do both accounts seem to agree upon?
Emphasis: Does one account place emphasis on certain details or perspectives which the other does not? If so, what are they?
Interpretation: Does one account have an overall interpretation of this topic that is different from the other? Are there areas of agreement/overlap?
Style: How does the tone and writing style of one account compare to the other?
You should NOT simply argue the obvious point that the Judith Rollins article goes into more detail about the subject than the textbook.

By way of conclusion, your essay should reflect on the larger significance of your comparison. Are there elements of Rollins’ argument that might be productively incorporated into the textbook account of this topic (civil rights & social activism)? What does Rollins add of critical significance to our knowledge and/or perspective of the topic?
Rights Revolution



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