Scholarly Debate Essay

Read the following secondary sources:Robert Finlay, “The Refashioning of Martin Guerre,” American HistoricalReview 93, no. 3 (June 1988): 553-571Natalie Zemon Davis, “On the Lame,” American Historical Review 93, no. 3(June 1988): 572-603Write a short essay (600-900 words) in which you assess this scholarly exchange.On what grounds does Finlay critique Davis’s book The Return of MartinGuerre? How does Davis respond to these criticisms in her article? Based onyour reading of The Return of Martin Guerre, is Finlay’s critique on target?why/why not? Does Davis successfully parry Finlay’s critique? Who in your view gets the better of theexchange?Be sure to provide footnotes whenever drawing from the two articles or Davis’s book.Pitch your essay to an imaginary reader unfamiliar with The Return of MartinGuerre and the exchange. Be sure to present briefly the context.

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Scholarly Debate Essay


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