Sexual disorders

Choose ONE of the sexual disorders (see examples in Chapter 7) or paraphilic disorders (see examples in Chapter 14) to research. Write a full 3 page essay paper (not including cover page or references) in your own words about the disorder. Use at least 3 sources (one of which can be your textbook). Document your sources with a Works Cited page at the end. In your paper, be sure to define the disorder, tell its specific symptoms and characteristics, interesting features that you find, and treatment options (if treatment is desired). Other details you may wish to include: are there effective ways to treat this disorder and if so, which ones? Can this disorder be cured and if so, how? What is the long term prognosis for people with this disorder or paraphilia? DOUBLE SPACED, font size 12, with a cover page which gives the following information: date and title ( your choice) of your paper. Your final paper must be at least 3 full typed pages long (NOT including cover sheet or works cited page), but not more than @ 8 pages. Write in paragraphs, essay form.

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Sexual disorders

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