Shakespear’s soonet

Write a 500-word compare and contrast essay regarding Sonnets 18 and 130. Pay particular attention to the figurative language, tone, imagery, and symbolism in each Sonnet. PART II Write a 500-word essay on Sonnet 138. Pay particular attention to the diction or word choice of this Sonnet. How does Shakespeare use the word “lie” in its various meanings? Who is the real “victim” in this Sonnet – the speaker or his lover, or are they both to be pitied? PART III In Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73, the narrator uses several metaphors to describe his ageing self. What are they? Of the three metaphors employed by the narrator, it could be argued that only one can be truly considered an accurate metaphor for growing old. Which one do you think it is, and why do you think so? Your paper should be at least 250 words.

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Shakespear’s soonet

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