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Some Proposal Solution Essay Topics to consider:Child abuseDomestic violenceDrug traffickingHuman traffickingBinge drinking on college campusesBinge eatingEating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexiaClimate changeHomelessnessPovertyObesityThe pandemic COVID 19Sexually transmitted diseasesTeenage pregnancyUnemploymentReview Questions 1. What are the features of effective proposals? 2. What are the special challenges of proposal writing? 3. Why are multimodal proposal arguments effective? Copyright © 2015, 2012, 2009 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Review Questions 1. What are features of effective proposals? Effective proposals provide background on a problem; identify a solution; and justify that solution. 2. What are the special challenges of proposal writing? Proposal writers sometimes have to persuade readers that the problem exists; they have to justify the solution; they have to build connections to the audience via principle, emotion, and/or consequences. Understanding the audience’s position is critical in creating a proposal 3. Why are multimodal proposal arguments effective? Proposal arguments can use multimodal composing features to grab attention via striking images or graphics; they can quickly summarize a lot of information via charts, tables, or figures. Proposal arguments, especially outside of school settings, make good use of images to convey a lot of information quickly. Copyright © 2015, 2012, 2009 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. ENGLISH 1302 Problem/Solution Proposal Purpose: To persuade the audience of the following: 1) a problem exists, 2) there is a way to solve the problem or improve the situation, and 3) the proposed solution is beneficial. Audience: The organization, foundation, or individual who has the authority to grant what you propose. Expected Overview of the Proposal: 1) Problem or Issue: Provide an overview of the problem or issue, including short quotations or paraphrases from at least three credible, relevant sources, each documented with MLA formatted intext citations. Remember to use language designed to convince your audience about the problem. Take into account assumptions about the problem and existing solutions. 2) Solution: Provide a realistic solution that will alleviate or improve the situation within context. This solution should be the main position of the essay and should explore the complexities of the issue. 3) Benefits of the Solution: Provide compelling reasons why readers must act on your solution. Explain the limits of existing solutions, explain the positive implications of your solution, and consider others’ perspectives. 4) Conclusion: Reiterate the main elements of the solution and remind readers why this solution will help with the problem. Convince readers that this action is necessary, and conclude with a specific call to action.
Solution essay

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