Speech delivery

List and define the four delivery methods discussed for a SpeechFor each of the following examples choose a delivery method that is most appropriate. Explain your choice.

The “elevator speech” – a 30 second to one minute speech in which you “sell yourself” to a potential employer or pitch an idea to a potential client.Delivering a presentation at a city council meeting explaining why town needs a new homeless shelter.Delivering a statement to the media about a recent lawsuit on behalf of a company you work for.Delivering a welcome speech to new students at orientation.

List and briefly describe the four tips for managing your voice during your speech.Review the tips for managing your voice during your speech.

Which one do you think you are most skilled at and why?Which one do you most need to work on and why?

List the six tips for managing your body during a speech.Choose two of the tips for managing your body during a speech and explain what would generally be considered appropriate during a professional presentation and what could be considered inappropriate.


There are three recommendations given in the chapter for practicing the delivery of your speech. List them and briefly describe why each is important.If you had to give a speech in a week how would you practice? Develop a plan for practicing your speech based on the chapter.

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Speech delivery


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