Spirituality in Nursing

From your re-reading of chapter 1 of Spirituality in Nursing, coupled with your consideration ofwhat would you say is meant when we say that the basic spiritual posture ofnursing & healthcare is “standing on holy ground?” What does chapter 1 in our course text, coupled with videohelp you understand about holistic nursing of the body, mind-spirit connection? Why is this important? Isthere some aspect of the various dimensions of “caring” for the patient, as talked about in chapter 1, thatstands out for you as particularly key for your view of nursing? Why or why not?Question 2: After reading chapter 2 of Spirituality in Nursing, what particular stage of the development of theNursing vocation, from the perspective of its spiritual history, stood out as particularly interesting and importantfor your own self-understanding as a nurse or healthcare practitioner? Why? Give us some “beef” regardingwhy you chose a particular stage.

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