Starbucks Marketing Strategy/ SWOT analysis

Summarize key details about Starbucks Corporation. When and where it was founded? Who is the owner/ owners? What does it do? Who are its customers, clients, prospects, or constituents? For convenience, we will call them customers.

Perform a SWOTT analysis, placing particular emphasis on long-term trends affecting the Starbucks Corporation and what their competitors are doing.Analyze Starbuck’s mission statement. Does it address the following core components?Customers—who do we serve?Product/service—what do we provide?Market—who/where are our customers?Core competencies—how do we provide or deliver our product/service? What gives us a competitive advantage?Measurability—how do we know when we are successful?Defend a new/revised mission statement. It should be a succinct statement of what Starbucks is, what it does, and who its customers are. Be sure to support why your revisions are an improvement to the current mission statement.Submit your plan in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document, using APA 7th edition style.If using journal articles please provide DOI

Sample Solution
Starbucks Marketing Strategy/ SWOT analysis


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