Story Choice: Plato’s “Parable of the Cave”

1.Choose one story: Plato’s “Parable of the Cave” or the Book of Genesis in the King James Bible. You do not need to read both.

Write an Essay about it.

Story Choice:“The Book of Genesis in the The King James Bible”Each culture has its own story about the creation of the earth and all life on earth. The creation story in Chapter 1 in Genesis is widely known around the world because it has been taught in all Judeo-Christian cultures. When Europeans settlers, who were predominantly Christian, arrived in the new world, they began communicating with American Indians and learning their religious stories. They learned of the many creation stories from thousands of tribal nations. The culture clashes that began almost immediately and still exist today in America can be traced back to differences in these stories because of the different implications regarding the purpose and meaning of life. Read the creation story from the King James Bible in Genesis. Then read another creation stories such as Iroquois nation story.

Direction for essay:

Find one creation story other than the one in the Book of Genesis and compare it to the Adam and Eve story.What do they have in common, for example: the use of animals or trees, good vs. evil, children, important numbers, relationship to God, language used by deity in the story, relationship to the responsibly of taking care of the earth?According to the two creation stories, what is the relationship betweenhumans and other life on earth?

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Story Choice: Plato’s “Parable of the Cave”


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