Sustainable Agricultural Land Management

This project is independent of farm system or size. You should be able to work through this project whether youare a small farmer or a large farmer or whether or not you are even directly involved in farming.Pick a farming system (vegetables, small grains, forages, etc.) in your local area or region and work through ananalysis of the sustainability of the current system and how you would help that farming system become moresustainable. Please use and cite scientific research and reports to support your arguments. Remember toconsider the “Triple Bottom Line” in your study. In your analysis, please include all of following parts, but youcan tailor the questions you want to ask and answer to your particular problem you want to solve. The outlinecontains major parts of the plan and some ideas for questions you need to ask yourself when developing theplan.For the first part of the project, you should answer the following main questions. Please use and cite scientificresearch and reports where possible to support your arguments. Remember to consider the “Triple BottomLine” in your study.What is the “Big-Picture” problem you are trying to solve or improve?Possible questions to ask yourself when determining the problem you are trying to solve:Is it a water quality problem?Is it a soil loss problem?Water quantity?Farm profitability or sustainability issue?Combination?Regulatory – too much; too little?Other? – you decideThis portion of the project should serve as an introduction to the entire project. This portion should beapproximately 100-200 words in length and should explain what Big-Picture Problem you have chosen andwhy. Please use and cite scientific research and reports to support your arguments. Remember to consider the“Triple Bottom Line” in your study.You will be assessed on your ability to:Construct an organized responseFollow the project specificationsProvide quality informationUse recommended resourcesDemonstrate strategic thinkingCreate a well written and professional looking assignmentSynthesize and analyze dataArgue your points

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Sustainable Agricultural Land Management

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