Symbol, allegory, and irony.

This week our course readings focus on symbol, allegory, and irony.Complete a close reading of Nickole Brown’s poem “Pepsi (Links toan external site.)” from her collection Fanny Says (2015). On a basic level, the poem is about Nickole’sgrandmother’s love of Pepsi. Fanny is the name of Nickole’s grandmother. I have a few questions to get usstarted this week. As always, I invite you to pose any questions that arise for you. Also, please feel free todiscuss any poems that stand out to you from chapter 15.

What does Pepsi symbolize to Fanny? Please include textual evidence to support your answer.What do we as readers learn about Fanny from her loyalty to Pepsi?What is your favorite line from the poem and what is it that you like about it?Do you like the poem? Why or why not?

Sample Solution
Symbol, allegory, and irony.


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