teaching a gifted child in a mainstream

teaching a gifted child in a mainstream

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Compose a 2000 words assignment on teaching a gifted child in a mainstream classroom. Needs to be plagiarism free! Jane seems like a regular, healthy and smart little girl.&nbsp. However, I have observed that she is more comfortable being by herself, as I have not seen her hanging around with other children.

At times, she may seem to be uncooperative in class as she easily gets bored and resorts to doodling during lectures.&nbsp. She complains when urged to finish her tasks and distracts other children by talking to them.

Jane possesses an incredible imagination and unusual but interesting creativity in her artwork.&nbsp. I believe this is where she expresses herself well and does a mighty beautiful job in it.

When a topic catches her interest, Jane becomes so involved that her intelligence comes to fore. She enjoys engaging in deep and profound discussions and uses a wide vocabulary not typical of year 2 children.

Jane is an enigma. One moment, she is your usual little girl, and in another minute, she is transformed into an intellectual pondering on life’s deep questions. These qualities have led me to suspect that Jane is a gifted student and has committed to do further research for her benefit (and mine).

The definition of giftedness has undergone evolution over the years. In the past, the label belonged to children who possessed exceptional skills that everyone could see such as reading and writing skills, or ability to solve difficult mathematical problems. This usually meant children who scored well on standardized tests. Since it was realized eventually that standardized tests do not accommodate children’s different learning styles, new definitions of intelligence have stretched the definition of giftedness and talent. Now, there are many ways of assessing how children perform, interact with their learning and problem-solve, beyond just reading and writing, to find out who is gifted (Murray, 1994).
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