Team – Case Presentation

SCENARIO: A man with bipolar disorder without his meds and presentation symptoms of manic that is causing conflict among the inmates and staff members

Intervening with individuals experiencing symptoms of disorders relating to mood can be challenging. It is especially important to be able to identify the symptoms of the correct disorder so that you can work with the individual in the appropriate manner. This assignment will help you to differentiate between different disorders related to mood and become familiar with intervention techniques.Choose two disorders related to mood.Obtain instructor approval.Develop two case scenarios, one for each disorder, of individuals in the correctional system.Create a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to discuss the disorder. Include the following for each case:Provide a brief description of the case scenario.Outline the diagnostic criteria and symptoms that are present in the case.Describe treatment strategies and interventions for the individual in the case.- 3 SLIDESInclude a minimum of four sources.

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Team – Case Presentation


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