The Biblical Worldview Assignment

The Biblical Worldview Assignment is course-embedded into every degree program in Liberty University’s School of Education (SOE). Its purpose is to carry out LU’s mission to provide an education with a solid Christian foundation and to ensure that every SOE program completer understands the implications of a biblical worldview for the field of education. While there are other assignments that require candidates to write a personal philosophy of education, that is not necessarily the intent of this particular assignment. The goal of this activity is for candidates to accomplish the following: • Convey an understanding of what is meant by a biblical worldview. • Support and illustrate this understanding by citing the Bible and other literature on the topic of a biblical worldview. • Apply principles of a biblical worldview to educational practice. •Articulate key components of a Christian philosophy of education, citing from the Bible and other literature on the top

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The Biblical Worldview Assignment

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